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1. Dear friends, If Rayakottai,

Dear friends,
If Rayakottai, vide the subject of this post, falls in Dharmapuri District of Tamil Nadu, it is difficult to get permission for drilling a new bore well for agricultural purpose, as all the blocks in Dharmapuri District are declared overexploited. Even if one drills wells in violation of the existing Act / regulations, TNEB will not give electricity connection.

Sharing water from the nearby well owners and in situ rain water/moisture harvesting/conservation becomes necessary, even if Government gives permission to drill a well.

Hydrogeologically looking at the problem, one can explore for well location, if the lands comprise granites / pegmatites / quartz veins but not other rocks (hornblende gneiss / charnockite) known to occur in the subject region.
Structural aspects such as shears, igneous intrusions, contact zones need to be studied for locating probable well sites before conducting geophysical investigations.

Ashaji may kindly approach the District Groundwater Department for proper guidance as per the prevailing groundwater laws / regulations.

Rain-fed horticulture/ Ragi / Jowar (Cholam) with life saving irrigation can be grown.
How far are the lands from the four-lane high way and Rayakottai town? If the lands are close by, it will invite the problems of agriculture in urban / peri-urban areas - a specialised subject.

C Udaya Shankar


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