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1. Dear Asha, The information

Dear Asha,

The information provided by you is rather generalized, for advising you on choosing between a bore well and a traditional open or dug well.

On checking the geographical and geological maps of Tamilnadu on the net, I infer that the local rock in her farm is Granitic. In case the weathered and jointed zone of this rock on her farm is about 10 meters, then you may want to prefer the construction of a large (5 M) diameter open well, instead of a bore well. This alone won't suffice. You will have to harvest the surface run off in her farm and divert it to a storage pit or pond near the well. This would make the supply from the well sustainable.

With best regards,

R.N. Athavale.
Formerly Director Grade Scientist
National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad & Emeritus Scientist
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research


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