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1. Water Charges

Dear Karteek Challa,

Though I do agree with Mr Chetan Pandit, regarding  the usage of water being a bit to low to be true. I still feel that the best way to charge people for the water they use is when you can monitor individual usage seperately. It will leave no scope for dispute or someone thinking he is being  made to pay for more than his share of water.

Your Idea of water meter is ideal, and in your case, you already have 20 seperate tanks, and 20 seperate pipes connected to 20 seperate flats and water from UG Sump being delivered to one tank is diverted to the others when it is full.  Under these conditions You really do not need to get one big common tank installed .

All you need to do it install 20 water meters at the outlet of each tank which leads to each individual flat- this involves a certain ammount of capital expenditure aprox. Rs1000-1200/- tank ( may be little more). Provided there is enough space between the tank and the terace wall to facilitate the installation of meters.

This will not only give you total number of units consumed but it will give you how much water has flowed out of each individual tank thus what each flat has consumed. Then based on what you need to pay for the total month for  water , just divide it with the number of units consumed and every one contributes for it by multiplying this figure with the readings  on their water meter.

Naturally this calculation will have to be done every month depending on the amount of total water being used and the extra amount you need to spend on meeting the water demands.

The good part is no one can claim that he is being charged extra. Hence less scope for any dispute. over claims and counter claims regarding water usage. This will also encourage everyone to be more conservative and maintain the taps and other water related hardware fittings so a to minimize their water bills.


Dr Anil Lalwani








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