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1. Legality of selling treated sewage

Dear Mr.Joshi,

You have posed an interesting question.To the best of my knowledge there is no law against selling treated sewage(treated water) if it meets the standards laid down by the KSPCB in Bangalore & Karnataka.If you are counting on selling treated water from an STP in your apartment complex, then, I believe you can have problems since, in my experience, most often treated water does not meet KSPCB standards.

I believe that it makes more sense to spend on installing dedicated tanks on the roofs and connecting this tank with piping dedicated to filling toilet flush tanks.This would not leave you with so much of water to be "disposed of".I find that in Bangalore the BWSSB has several modern STPs based on the latest technology which produce high quality treated water,but due to lack of buyers, BWSSB lets this treated water out into existing sewers or into storm water drains! Such a shamefull waste of water! If you had dual piping and dedicated storage tanks for treated sewage, you will need far less fresh water.






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