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1. Dear Member, As a solution it

Dear Member,

As a solution it may be required to utlise the space above the UG, and have extended plantation..
It may be required to locate these tanks more deeper...and have say 11/2 Ft. depth space to locate plantation..also have the opening for the top-slab of these tanks..
2ft by 2 ft.. to have man-hole frame and a cover for doing maintainance..
In this way, you would have the tanks tops,,with green- cover..and flowery plants like cayhna- indica..kheli as called in hindi..and Khal tamil..i.e meaning stone banana.. in english...
Pl do asess..the same...
In our earlier e mails.. and in IWP website ... a few pictures..and a layout of a typical arrangement of tanks below ground providing anaerobic treatment and planation above ground giving aerobic process has been explained..
If your daily flow is..2500 litres..i.e 2.5 Kl/ cbm  then you ought to have a volume of 10 times..say 25 kl/ cbm.. waste water retained in septic tank..or reed bed. plantation..or rock garden,, and or a storage for processed/ filered water..etc..Say an average depth of tanks is 1.5 metres.. / i.e 5 feet.. you require an area of 15mtrs..times 1.5 mtrs..
i.e 25 cbm.. 15 mtrs is around 150 sq ft..accordingly it can be managed..
or try a roof garden..or a terrace garden..
You need to feel confident to source waste water either black or grey and recycle..and use for recycling..
The processed water thus ensued from the wwt plant  can be passed through a fountain spary arrangement to provide extended aeration  etc..
can have a flow of water on some planned well sun-lit..aerated ventilated..rock gaden.. and as the water cascades in and out of the stones held in open- rock wouls provide aeration..
The processed water can then be used for secondary purposes..viz.. flushing..irrigation of plants... and others...
With well wishes..from Vigyan Vijay..
Er. Ajit Seshadri
Secretary and Head- Environment & Energy
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation
New Delhi-110 045


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