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1. Septic tank treatment using in-house cultured microorganisms

Dear Mr. Bhargav,

You can treat all your waste water (from toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and washing areas) in a single septic tank. We provide biological solutions to help you to recycle your waste water for horticulture purposes.
We focus on treating waste by using special in-house cultured microorganisms - that are "pro-biotic" in nature and absolutely eco-friendly.

Septic tanks only partially treat sewage, discharging polluted water leading to ground water contamination. Also, septic tanks without proper treatment get clogged & get filled with sludge, leading to frequent pump out by tankers which is a huge nuisance and is overall a rather unhygienic practice.
We have solutions that utilize the existing septic tanks to treat the sewage using our special microbial culture. You can recycle treated water for gardening or discharge it into the ground water through the soak pit.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Kush Agarwal, +91-9899823242


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