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1. Needed help sewage treatment-drain water (Kitchen and Bathroom)


I am Bhargav, living in suburbs of Chennai, and I face a very similar problem of having a safe sewage treatment of drain water from bath room, basic washing and kitchen. Our daily drain water comes to around 1000 litres per day. 

We have a separate line from all the restroom/toilets to a septic tank. 

We have the following questions:

1. Can we still use the septic tank to have all the drain water from bathrooms and washing basic, kitchen sink to get collected here (in septic tank).

2. If we need to treat the drain water from batchroom, kitchen seperately, how can we do that?

We live in a 1800 sqft sized plot. 

Please help me with some pointers and also whom i can seek help in Chennai.

Thanks for understanding.





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