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1. Motor Selection - detailed query, Tamilnadu

Dear Sir,

 I have just gone through the suggestions made by RajaMohamed Ambalam where he is suggesting a quarter or half hp submersible pump with a working head of 200 ft. and a new borewell

I would like to make a slight correction here,

A half hp submersible pump would have a maximum delivery head of about 56 mft and would deliver only about 10 lpm ( 600 lph) at that delivery head this would be a 0.5 hp 8 stage pump, beyond this some companies provide a 3/4 hp 10 stage pump, with a maximum delivery head of 70 meters, and again woudl deliver max 600 lph at that working head. Most of the standard submersible companies have pumps having the specifications similar to this give a take 1to 2 meters head difference.

 Coming to the compressor pump- was the compressor pump installed because you had a lot of silt in the water?

If not then it is Ok to replace the pumping system. it could be that the pumping water level in the borewell has been lowered due to development of other wells in the vicinity, and the compressor pumps efficiencey which is based on the submergence of the airline has been drastically reduced- If you have less than 35% submergence of the airline the compressor pump will have an efficiency of only 25%

I would recomend going in for a test pump of 1hp 14stages which would deliver nearly 3000 liters in 1 hour at a working head of 200ft, - see the performance and then either throtel the discharge or go in for a 3/4hp 10 stage pump. if the yeild is not sufficient only then should you go in for a new borewell


Dr.Anil Lalwani


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