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1. Motor Selection - detailed query, Tamilnadu!

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your quick reply. I am providing the information available with us.

Question: Where is the bore well located. Is it in Tambaram, Chennai.  

Answer: It is in Tambaram Sanatorium near railway station behind corporation bank.

Question: Further at what depth you could get the first water spring gushing out from the bore well when it was drilled.

Answer: This is not known.

Question: In 90 minutes does your tank get completely filled or how much is the empty volume.  This will help to gt some clue. 

Answer: During the initial period when the bore got erected, tank got filled in 3.5 to 4 hrs time. Now, it takes double the time.

Question: How old is the bore well.  

Answer: 14 years old

Question: What is the driller reported yield.   Basaed on the blind data you have given it becomes trivial to suggest.  Geohydrological and Geospatial data is essential to suggest some practical way forward.

Answer: Data not available.

With this information, is it possible to suggest a motor? or what is your advice to get all the required data such as geohydrological and geospatial data?

Thanking you Sir.


Thirumal Jayaraman


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