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1. Do I need to replace the pump or check for silt deposit

Hello Sir,
We had dug a borewell last year. Water yielded at 520ft. We had dug the bore well till 635 feet. As per the inputs of bore person, we had put 2HP Texmo submersible motor, 25 stage pump. As per the bore person the water source was 3.5 inches. But, we are sure it might not be less than 2 inches if not 3.5 inches. We did not had water problem for 6 months from then.Suddenly we did not get water. Then we opened the motor and pump. As per inputs from mechanic, there was jam with mud/ silt. Later it was cleaned and we are using now. We are getting water continuously. But, the problem is, it is taking 7 hrs to fill 6200 liters sump. Local mechanic is saying we are getting water with 1/2 inch only. Once we replace the 25 Stage pump with 35 stage pump, we would get 1 inch water so that we get water with more speed. Thanks for your clarification, if we need to replace the pump / check if there is any silt deposit in pump so that water is not coming fully.



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