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1. Frequent overflow of Septic tank - Remedy

The title seems to be wrong as the actual complaint is not one of overflow of septic tank but of the soak pits. Not noting this, several people have commented on septic tanks. The problem is not with the septic tank, hence eco-san toilets cannot solve the problem. Besides, while Paul's work on eco-san toilets is going to result in a fundamental revolution in the field of sanitation in rural India, the problem is that people in towns and semi-urban areas will not opt for eco-san toilets.

Oil and grease do not figure in water used for bathing and washing of clothes.

The basic facts are: The septic tank is actually over sized for the complex and should not give any problem. As for the overflow of soak pits, this is bound to happen whether the pits are old or only a few days old as a mere soak pit cannot process the grey water. If the complex can spare about 2.5 sq ft of soil space per occupant in the garden which receives moderate amount of sunlight, then I can suggest a simple natural process to clean the used water. The soak pits, if they are supported by cement rings, they can be used for storing the cleansed water. My method does not need any chemicals or power or human intervention and has been working in many apartment complexes in Chennai.

Please send me details of the number of flats and total number of occupants in them.

Indukanth Ragade (


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