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1. Dear Member, We note that

Dear Member,
We note that considerable efforts are being made to pump out / decant waste water in tankers for discharge outside.
If you desire to process say 2000 lits per day, i.e the water coming out as o/ flow from the last soak-pit
and use the same for recycling purposes for secondary purposes, say for flushing, or for complex greens…...lawns, trees, roof-/ terrace gardens, and other uses..
If you consider to install the wwt waste water treatment plant…….then we can suggest methods for the same…..or some basic details are available in the Arghyam web site…..
pl do pruse…...the same..
Do you carry out rain wter harvesting...
Where is your area..??
With well wishes..
Er. Ajit Seshadri
The Vigyan Vijay Foundation,
New Delhi


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