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1. Dear Raghavan, Suggest best

Dear Raghavan,

Suggest best option is really for all flats to use urine diverting compost (or dehydrating) toilets see, and for careful use of water for all other purposes.  I have been using such a toilet in a second floor apartment for many years. Collect and reuse waste water (especially handwashing water, laundry rinsing water etc) first within the flats and on balcony and roof top for ornamental and vegetable plants, small shrubs, creepers and climbers.  Washing machine water can be used for flushing the toilet.  Try to divert most benign water to water-loving plants in the garden (try to maximise plants even if you have very little space).  If possible plant around the soak pits with thirsty species.
It may also be that the soak pits are old and have become clogged, so cleaning them out and digging deeper if that is permissable and possible or adding new ones. 
Try to reduce your water consumption and try to reuse it as much as possible.  When water is so precious it is shocking to use tap water for watering your plants and for flushing the toilet.
Have a look at 'Ecological Solutions to Flush Toilet Failures' from EcoSolutions (Rs180 Hindi, Rs300 English inclusive of postage)

Paul Calvert


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