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1. Evaluation of Water sample test results - Chennai

Dear Vijay Raghavan,

From your questions I am not sure whether you want to use the water for drinking or for construction itself.

I would advice you not to drink the water: a conductivity of 3404 microS/cm is very high. From the analysis this seems to be caused by the presence of chloride and calcium + magnesium (total hardness). With 717 mg Chloride per liter, the water is salt. For Hardness Indian standard is maximum 300 mg/l (maximum 600 mg/l in the absence of an alternative source). Sulphate is also high (Indian standard: desirable limit 200 mg/l, limit in absence of alternative source 400 mg/l).

I do not know much about construction, but I suppose chloride may be the main problem (from the substances that you have tested), especially in steel-reinforced cement. You can try searching the internet for "cement mixed with salt water". This gives you a lot of hits.

Regards, Marijn.


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