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1. Chlorine Monitoring

Hi Mr. Jay Savant,

As mentioned above Chlorine is not prefered disinfectant because of its carcinogen effect, a know health hazard. Again it also has environment issues. New food safety law will be soon implemented in India where all the hazardus chemicals for sanitation/disinfectant will be banned from use.

Stabilised Chlorine Dioxcide is the best solution for the water treatment. It removes Biofilms and gives 5 log reduction. It kills Bacteria/virus/fungus/algae and most difficult spores forming organisms. This is 3.6 times powerful than chlorine and with no hazardus tag with it. Its action is from seconds to minutes and effective over wide temperature range Ph range of 4-10. It maintains taste and controls odor in the water.  Using chlorine dioxide will help optimize overall treatment efficiencies, including improved coagulation, reduced turbidities, improved particulate removals, increased CT values and lower THMs and HAAs.

With Regards

Hiren Pancholi



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