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1. Pumps Cabes & Pipes

Dear Mr Rajkumar,

As mentioned by you the first water was struck at 560 and the last one at 700,  and you have not mentioned the  water level in the borewell. Under these circumstance I would suggest that the pump be lowered to atleast 710 ft below groundlevel

For which you will require the following assembly-

The pump is of CRI company model S4S-2/40 or S4S-2/48 Both are 3 hp pumps.

for pipes you could ideally use GI Pipeline but can also use Supreeme Submersible PVC pipes, naturally supported by a 10mm plastic coated multicore steel wirerope

The electric supply cable would be a copper flat submersible 3 core 4 sqmm ,

This is the best assembly under the available data.

It is quite possible that you may have encountered a formation which is unstable and colapses at depth below. In that

case it is advisiable to go in for a Borewell compressor pump., but with lack of water level data is it not possibel to say if the system woudl be effective.

Hope it answeres your questions


Dr. Anil Lalwani


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