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Dear Mr. Paritosh Tyagi/Mm. Leela Iyengar,

Thank you for your comments and feedback regarding field trials of the product. It is indeed a great help in making this product reach upto affected prople.

Dear Mr. Ranaji,

Thank you for your query.

The demonstration video of JalNirmal Sachet was taken using surface-flowing water during rainy season, when turbidity of water was maximum. As seen in the video, the water had initial turbidity of 400NTU. After the treatment, as can be seen in the video, the turbidity had come down below 4NTU. within 10 minutes after filtration. 

The product used  in the video was JalNimal Arsenex Sachet. The JalNirmal Arsenex sachet is useful for removal of turbidity, Arsenic and Iron from drinking water. The 2.5gms sachet of JalNirmal Arsenex is sufficient for treatment of 15 litres of drinking water.( The Arsenic is reduced from 500ppb to less than 10ppb, Iron is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1ppm and turbidity is reduced from 400NTU to less than 5NTU after filtration through thick cotton cloth) Treatment process also leaves Residual chlorine of 0.2 to 0.5 PPM in the water. This takes care of bacterial content in water. Total treatment time is only half an hour. You get crystal clear safe potable drinking water within half an hour. This has been confirmed in CSIR laboratory in repeated trials spread over a period of 4 months

Similarly, with JalNirmal DeFluorider Sachet, it is possible to treat Fluoride affected drinking water. The 6.5gms JaNirmal DeFluorider Sachet is sufficient for treatment of 10 litres of Fluoride affected drinking water. Treatment time for DeFluorider sachet is 3 hours. (Fluoride is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1.0ppm, Iron is reduced from 5ppm to less than 1ppm and turbidity is reduced from 400NTU to less than 5NTU. Also, treatment leaves residual chlorine of about 0.5ppm in water, which takes care of bacteria ) The crystal clear fluoride safe potable drinking water is available in 3 hours.

I have also enclosed soft copies of my articles on the subject published in Water Today Magazine (November issue) and Everything About Water Magazine (November issue) for more info. on the subject.


Ravi Savant,

Prerana Laboratories


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