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1. Narrow down your scope if you want the right answer

Dear gen_x,

What is the exact purpose of your project? What kind of water treatment plant do you want to set up and for what purpose will you use the water?Until you say so, it will be difficult to advise you suitably. The quality of treated water you want to produce will decide which of the technologies listed by you are relevent and or necessary.Also, the quality of raw water will decide the cost per litre of the treated water you wish to produce.

  1. Membrane filtration processes are Reverse Osmosis, Nano filtration and ultrafiltration.A membrane bio reactor is also a membrane filtration process used mainly to purify waste water/sewage.
  2. Ion exchange using cation and anion exchangers can be used to demineralise water by removing the dissolved solids.The same thing can be done by Reverse Osmosis too.A cation exchanger can be used to soften water and so also nano filtration.

It will be difficult to advise you unless you answer the questions in the first paragraph above.



Water Management Consultant.




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