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1. Hi S.S. Ranganathan Thank you

Hi S.S. Ranganathan

Thank you for you advice. The tanneries in the Vellore region do have a system already installed on-site that does recover chromium from the waste water using MgO and Sulfuric Acid. From the research we've done they don't use them because they don't trust the quality of the recovered chromium so they don't reuse it, therefore there is no benefit to them to recover the chromium. 

What we want to do is use these existing systems to recovery the chromium and add our own supplementary processes that will increase the quality of the recovered chromium. Currently we don't have the chemical know-how to improve the existing process so that is why we are looking for chemical advice or for a teammate with knowledge in the area. 

In regards to the water purification, that was another team that you met with that day. I don't think they are aware of the problem with fluoride so i will forward them this thread.

Thank you,



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