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1. Chromium recovery from Tannery waste in Tamil Nadu.

Dear Kade,

I am a Bangalore based Water Management Consultant.I am also on the panel of experts on indiawaterportal.A couple of months ago, some Indian and American students from Velhart Solutions gave a presentation on the Chromium recovery at the Bangalore office of the Arghyam Foundation which manages Indiawaterportal.I was present at this event and was very impressed by the work of your team.

I had been involved in work done by the company I used to work for which used ion exchange resins(ion exchangers) for recovery of gold,chromium,etc from waste water from plating shop effluent.With this process,it was not always possible to recover all the chromium from the effluent nor did the purity of the recovered chromium match that of the chromium used in the processing of the leather.One way for you to find out is to analyse the purity/concentration of the chromium as recovered and compare it with the purity of the chromium used in the process by the tannery.

I am not aware if the tanneries have a process or system to recover the chromium currently.However,if you can sell the chromium recovered by you at a price which is lower than that the tanneries pay for it,you will definitely be able to sell it to them.

From what I can remember about your team's presentation mentioned above,the commercial proposition was the sale of drinking water to the affected population in the tannery area.If this activity gives you a decent profit,you can add to it by subsidising the price of the recovered chromium you sell to them using part of the profit from selling the water.

Are you aware that in India, a far greater threat to human health in the rural areas of about 22 indian states is the prescence of fluoride in the ground water.Flouride causes a disease called fluorosis which ultimately kills.I suggest you consider using the purification system you have designed to remove fluoride from the water and make such water available to people who live in areas that are affected by fluoride in water.I believe you can earn a lot more because safe drinking water required is far more in such areas than the volume in the areas polluted by tanneries.

I wish your team all success.


Water Management Consultant.

00 91 93437 34229.



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