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1. Sewage treatment using bioculture-product choice has to be good

Dear Mrinalini,

Yes there are lot of companies providing mechanical and biological solutions for treatment of sewage. I do not advocate using GMO for treatment of sewage. In fact all treatment plants are designed on a food to microorganism ratio but with the complexity of waste in terms of volumetric, organic and other shocks microbial population fall and operators resort to addition of nutrients to stabilise it. It is to be remembered that addition of nutrient only works when there is a deficiency of it else, N and P will show up at outlet.

It is to be noted that good microbes are in very less concentration in any treatment system and sometimes it lacks microbes for a targeted effluent. Hence generalising by use of dung/ intestinal bacteria does not become effective. People are resorting to cleaner technologies instead of using messy solutions.

There are lot of biocultures available in the market, that are non-pathogenic, non-GMO etc. but on closer study you will find these are in very low concentrations, choice of microbes are not good and there is usage of gram negative microbes. These microbes have an endoplasmic protein layer which when ruptured and if in contact with any wound or blood stream activates the immune system to release protective toxins. This is known as an endotoxic pyrogenic reaction and causes several diseases.

Hence the choice of product has to be good particularly stressing on aerobic and facultative gram positive organisms only and at very high concentrations in raw state only. Lot of companies ask you to grow on molasses etc. on site. But there are products which do not require any preactivation at all.

We are working with lot of private parties, NGOs and government bodies to provide sewage and other wastewater treatment solutions.

For further assistance please contact me at 9910170604.

Thanks and regards,

Chandan Mohanty
Technical Advisor
Amrit Clean Water Technologies, Pvt. Ltd.


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