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1. Choke Pit or Soak Pit?

Dear Gururajan,

Correct name for the pit which absorbs discharge of septic tank is "Soak Pit".

Frequent filling up of Septic tanks is mainly due to faulty location/construction of partition wall(s)  and openings therein. Sometimes it  is due to poor ventilation.

Prime requirement of efficient working of a Septic tank is digestion of scum through anaerobic bacteria. They need darkness and minimum surface disturbance. The partition walls should be such that the top layer of water in the digestion part of the Septic tank is not disturbed by incoming flow. The second need is safe passage of gasses generated from the process of digestion.

So, you have to check that the partition walls are as per requirements and that there is sufficient free board over the water surface to accommodate the gasses and there is a gas pipe to pass the same without creating pressure in the tank.

Gyan Prakash Soni


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