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1. metering water supply to individual apartments

Dear Vinod,

I think your mail was in reply to my mail dated May 2011.Yours is the second case of success in metering water supplied to individual apartments.Congratulations on your success.You are the second case of an apartment complex having succeeded in doing this entirely on your own.I have referred to an earlier case(some time in April 2011) in my earlier mail where it was an effort entirely by the residents with one of them taking the lead in doing it.

Please share the details of how you achieved the individual metering by posting it on "indiawaterportal".It will be a big help to many apartment owners' associations in Bangalore who would like to do the same thing.I would also appreciate your giving me your address and contact number as I would like to speak to you and find out how you did it.

Thanking you in anticipation.





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