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1. Metering of water consumption


I live in an apartment in Bangalore. 

52 apartments in all (4 stories)

2 borewells - gone dry - now showing life after RWH for the last 3 years

approx 11 tankers * 5000 ltrs capacity bought from 2009-2010 per day

Decided to install Water meter for each apartment - initial opposition over come

had to redo plumbing - did a Proof of concept - and then couple of engineers from our apartment  proposed solution with our own supervision

Each apartment had atleast 3 entry points shared with others 

consolidated as a single entry point for each apartment.

implemented the solution by May 2010

Tanker consumption reduced by ~ 30% - the project cost was about 3L and we believe at the rate of

4 tankers * Rs. 300 per day

we have already recovered the cost of project from an overall stand point.

though some residents have spent money on water meter to only pay more now because consumption has been higher!

this has forced people to conserve and reuse water.

we are enjoying a successful implementation in our apartment. we went for flow meteres with 30 ltrs per hour sensitivity so we could measure leaks and force people to correct the same - because it is their money which is leaking if not fixed!

accountability is the key to success!




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