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1. sub metering

Dear Mr. Srinivasan,

This is very common problem in most of the apartment complexes. There is no one entry point of water to each flat. There could be even more than 2 entry points. Under the circumstances there are only two options.

1. Change the plumbing to enable single entry point or

2. Install as many meters as entry points.

First option is extremely difficult which involves huge cost. Only second option can be done to measure actual consumption. Eventhough there are remote meter reading technologies readily available in India, the cost will be very high which cannot be borne by an apartment of 300 blocks.

Meter raadings can be taken on a fixed day every month or once in two months. That is the only way. Every month the flat owner has to provide the data to owner's association. This can be cross checked once in 3 months by the association.






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