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1. few tips to choose water meters.

Dear Friends,

I have been associated with water meters for quite few years and would like to provide few tips while selecting good quality water meters. for sub metering purposes.

  1. The residential water meters are available in 15mm and 20mm and are available in two types. Single jet and Multijet technologies.
  2. In single jet, the water will flow without any obstruction in case any dirt and hence will be safe for sub metering. In Multijet meters, the meters are likely to choke in case dirt is allowed with water particularly in mansoon.
  3. Hence a single jet Class B should be preferred.
  4. An ISI meter get the ISI marking on just testing the accuracy of the meter under different flow rates and is not tested for another test called life cycle test which is much vigorous test. In life cycle test, the filed conditions are created in a lab like water flow and stop for one lac cycles and then the accuracy is again tested. If the meter has same accuracy after this test, the meter is really good quality. An ISI marked meter need not necessarily pass this test.
  5. Hence quality of just ISI meter is always a suspect.
  6. For assurance on quality a marking called EEC marking is available with few manufacturers in India. These meters will have passed this life cycle test and hence can be more reliable.
  7. It is found that by sub metering the water will be saved almost up to 25% which is a huge saving on apartments who depend on tankers.

Any further queries, please contact me on 98452 18310.


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