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1. Water Saving through water meter

Before coming to a conclusion of saving water through water meter, I think you will need to think of the economics and psychology behind the results. The success of this initiative will depend on the complete cooperation of all the flat owners. If this initiative has been decided because of wastage of water by few flat owners and there has been no change in utilisation of water by these owners even after advice, then the result you will get from installation of water meter is going to be entirely differrent. This is because of the mind set behind the use of water and the incentive to the people after installation of water meters.

Calculate whether the incentive is big enough to trigger a water saving measure by these owners. If the incentive is not big enough then this could have a negative effect, because then the mind set would be "I am paying for the extra what I use". The practical problem here is that you cannot decide to have too big incentive for people who save water, because water is still cheap around here.


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