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1. Dear Rajeeb, First of all,

Dear Rajeeb,

First of all, your interest in getting this done in the apartment complex you live in is really commendable. In all probability the water consumption has exceeded whatever the bore wells can supply (possibly the bore wells have gone dry), making it necessary to rely on water tankers for supplies. With summer coming, water scarcity is the norm and water tanker suppliers have all raised their rates making tanker water a very expensive proposition. In the last 5 to 7 years that I have been involved in working with domestic water users of water, I have found that approximately 20% to 30% of the users in an apartment complex account for almost 80% of the total water used. In an apartment, as a matter of standard practice, builders install piping that supplies water to an apartment with any where from 2 to 4 points of entry into an apartment. This is quite different from an individual house/bungalow where the water connection is at one single point, i.e the underground water collection sump from which water is pumped to an over head tank for supply to the house. In most cases it is a BWSSB connection with a water meter which measures the water consumed and for which the BWSSB sends monthly bills.

             The above described methods of providing water into a residential unit and being able to measure it are completely different. It is feasible only in a house/bungalow while it is difficult in an apartment since it would involve installing a water meter at each point of entry into the flat. Assuming the pipes are of 0.5 inch size, the approximate cost of each water meter may be up to Rs.1500/-each.Total cost would be Rs.1500/- multiplied by number of entry points. Invariably, the total cost per apartment puts off the residents/owners of apartments who drop the matter. Unfortunately, the water availability is declining each year and apartment complexes have to install some system that will make it possible to have a system that will allow water supply to be monitored, measured and controlled.

You can contact me for clarifications on the phone number I have given.


Ion Exchange
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