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1. Need info to install water meters to monitor water usage

I am very interested in planning to instal water meters in each house of my building. All the houses have the pipelines done inside the wall and all these days we were using unlimited water from the borewell which had plenty of water, now it is dry & we are depending upon tanker water.

I have an underground sump of 6000 Ltr capacity & overhead tank of 4000 ltr capacity, from overhead tank there is only one outflow pipeline which distributes water to four floors having eight houses where all the pipelines are made inside the wall till tap of every house, kindly advice me how to install water meter to each house to moniter water consumption & charge them accordingly?

I have a budget of 1500/- per meter, as i have eight houses with more than twenty taps. Is it required to put a meter to each tap or better to close all the taps & retain one tap in each house to fix meter for that? Kindly advice me in this regards.

Thanks in advance



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