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1. Water management example from Chennai

Since long, for about thirty years now, at least two apartments in Kalashetra road, Tiruvanmiyur in Chennai named "Mayura Flats" and "Sivakumara nilayam" have individual overhead tanks in the terrace for each flat with a closure-float. The tanks are filled once or twice a day (depending on water supply) from a "Mother tank". Such filling is done during pre-announced time. Thereafter the outlet of the mother tank is closed.

The residents are sure of water supply throughout the day as long as their consumption does not exceed their tank capacity. They don't store water. In case you wish to install a meter the same can be done just prior to the inlet to individual water tank. When the resident goes on vacation the outlet of the individual tank can be closed. If the resident defaults payment of maintenance water supply can be suspended. The basic idea s that of the builder (named Sundaresan). Kudos to him


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