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1. Need water meter for 62 flat apartment in Chennai

Hi all,

I am staying in a 62 flats apartment in Chennai and we have a huge water problem here, so we are planning to fix water meter for each flat. We have 3 bores and 2 sumps, 30k each, one is for bore water and another one is for corporation/tanker lorry water. We have 13 blocks and each block has 4-6 flats. We have an overhead tank in each block. The overhead tank is divided by 2, one is for bore water and another one is for lorry water. Here, each flat has 3 inlet lines, for example one pipe is coming from the overhead tank to fist floor kitchen and ground floor kitchen same way for other 2 bath rooms. We don't have any valves to close any single line because if we close the valve, the water will not go to 2 flats.

We are planning to measure the water usage of each flat. What are the suggestion you can give to help us in the successful implementation? Also, few of them are telling water meters wont work/measure properly, so we need the brand name of the water meter. If any good plumber is available in Chennai for doing this work, please refer him to me.

I spoke to one plumber, he said, water meter wont work well, also now the pipe lines are in vertical position if we want to change the pipeline for each flat we need to put the connection in horizontally which will create problem. We are in a confused situation now. Please share your experience and suggestions.

Rajeshkanna C


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