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1. Regarding water meter for small apartment complex

Dear Sir,

I am living in a complex with 6 flats. Due to escalating water bills we are planning to redo our plumbing which is 15yrs old now. We are planning to divide the common water tank into 6 tanks and put a water meter in each outlet, so that the residents will reduce water wastage.

However we have no experience in this matter. Also few of the residents are apprehensive about the meters and are claiming high failure rates.

1. I request any of the experts to kindly clarify whether this is true. What are the common causes of failure?

2. Also is it possible to detect leaks such as toilet flush leaks, and leakage from joints which are of low flow rate type with metering?

3. Is there any brand and type of meter which is better than others?

4. I have read elsewhere that air flowing through the water meter causes causes erroneous reading. If this is true, all my reading are likely to be wrong as my pipes are almost always filled with air rather than water.

I thank you in advance.

Sudhir P


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