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Groundwater quality scenario in Karnataka state - Introduction and overview (2004)

These two documents, one an introduction document and the other an overview document prepared for the Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (KRWSSA) provides information and details on the groundwater quality scenario in Karnataka. Read More

Impact of Climate Change in India: An agro - ecological zone level analysis

India is gifted with heterogeneous landforms and variety of climatic conditions such as the lofty mountains, the raverine deltas, high altitude forests, peninsular plateaus, variety of geological formations endowed with temperature varying from arctic cold to equatorial hot, and rainfall from extreme aridity with a few cms (<10 cm) to pre humid with world's maximum rainfall (1120 cm) of several hundred centimeter. Read More

Umiam Lake Conservation-Stakeholder dialogue and future strategies, March 2009

Umiam Lake Conservation – Stakeholder dialogue & future strategies was held on 9th & 10th March 2009, in Shillong. Read More

Climate Change or Global Warming: A Primer

Climate Change is a significant change in temperature, wind patterns and precipitation that occurs over a long period of time. Some of these changes occur in cycles over decades, hundreds, thousands and millions of years; some could be random occurrences. These result in precipitation (rain or hail, snowfall) and wind patterns, or extreme weather events like thunderstorms, cyclones, tornados etc. Read More

Ganga River Basin

This section on the IBA Radio site, contains several maps about the Ganga River Basin. Read More

Cauvery River Basin: An Overview

Cauvery is an easterly flowing river of the Peninsular India that runs across three of the southern Indian states i.e. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and a Union Territory of Puducherry. The fourth largest river of southern region, begins its 800 km long journey from the Western Ghats; traverses through Mysore plateau and finally forms a delta on the eastern coastline of the subcontinent before falling into the Bay of Bengal. Read More

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