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Rain water harvesting at water locking public places at cities


Water is an important and essential commodity to every one which is to be preserved.


  • Possibility of enrichment of ground water in the normal course is eliminated at the Cities for the reasons mentioned here under.
  • By Construction of buildings and plastering the place around it, chance/possibility of ground water charging is minimized.
  • Roads and pavements are fully covered resulting in no chance for the water to reach the ground.
  • Many a water tanks which otherwise were the main place for ground water enrichment are not at all maintained.Silt filled tanks are not allowing percolation of the water to the underground pockets. Some areas of such tanks are converted for other purposes.


Let us take an example of water locked road at Chennai/Bangalore. Water from the road or any other place may be made to reach the corner of many near by parks. At the corner of such spots of the road [or on the footpath] or at the corner of the park, let us dig a 200 feet deep well with a diameter of say 2 feet. Let us use cement rings to protect this well. Let such cement rings be specially designed with bigger openers at many spots. More and bigger openings in the cement ring will enable the water to reach the ground easily. Thereby, speed of absorption of water will increase. Let us cover these wells with iron grills with lock and key facility [to open it for maintenance & otherwise close it for safety.


In summer/non rainy seasons, we draw huge quantity of underground water through the bore wells. There by, water pockets inside the ground will remain empty.
It takes a lot of time for the rain water to reach such underground water pockets. By digging such deep wells, we are creating a short cut .Deep wells specially designed for the purpose of enriching the underground water will help the  rain water to reach  such deep underground water pockets very  quickly.
As and when the rain starts, the water which otherwise used to be locked at the corner of the road will reach this deep well. Naturally, it will go down to 200 ft depth. Rain water finds a short cut to enrich the underground pockets of water. In the initial days of rain, the speed of absorption of water at such wells will be very high for the reason that; the water runs to the empty pockets inside the ground. [Water in such pockets might have been suck by bore wells during the non rainy days.]

Water so reaching in to the deep earth will percolate in all direction of the well and continue to enhance the water recharging process at a deep level. What ever rain water which is made to run through these wells is like deposit made in the Bank. It can be drawn during non rainy seasons.

As huge quantity of water is made to reach the underground level even up to a depth of 200 feet, the level of water table will improve drastically.
As more quantity of rain water (soft water) is made to reach and enrich underground water deep in to 200 feet, hardness of the bore well water will come down drastically. Soft water is better for human consumption, for cooking and even for industrial consumption.

This simple and less expencive concept may be implemented in each and every city to harvest the rain water very well.


  1. Water is becoming a scarce commodity. We can utilise the the source[which otherwise wasted through drainage] for the betterment of one and all.
  2. Roads are now damaged because of the locking of water. These deep wells will in avoiding of damage to the roads because of water locking on roads.
  3. Enrichement of underground water directly by the rain water through the 200 ft wells will help in increasing the level of undergroundwater table. Such stored water will come to the help of public at large.
  4. By enriching soft/Rain water deep in to the earth, the quality of undergournd water wills imporve. Better quality water will help individuals and industries.

Recharging of underground water pockets by using rain water directly and quickly through the 2 feet wide 200Ft.depth well is to be adopted on all priority. This cost effective and result oriented scheme is to be implemented in many industrial towns likeCoimbatore/Salem/Tirupur etc.

LET US SAVE WATER, SAVE ROADS, and SAVE LIVES AND lead a happier life.

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