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Chromium recovery and reuse in tanneries - consultants & advisors sought

VellHart Solutions is a start-up venture between Indian and American students.Read More


Use of microbes in sewage treatment and sewerage system

Use of microbes in sewage treatment and maintenance of sewerage system has been evolved and portrayed as a promising option, and such products and services have been offered by many companies.Read More


Soak pit and septic tank problems - Coimbatore

I dwell in a 25 unit apartment complex in Coimbatore.Read More


Firms assisting in clearance from CGWB & groundwater evaluation - Bangalore

Dear All,

Is there any agency/firm/company/organization in Bangalore (Karnataka) which performs the following activities:Read More

Nanofiltration + RO to make reject water disposable

I am a student of IIT Kharagpur doing a project on water purification.Read More


Info Needed : Compact Waste Water Treatment Plant - Marathahalli, Bangalore

Ours is a 46 apartments complex near Marathahalli in Bangalore. Water is a big issue and at present being supplied by tankers.Read More


Troubleshooting: Odor Issues in Self made Greywater Harvesting System - Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

I belong to a drought declared district, Damoh in Madhya Pradesh.Read More


Automatic Data Logging Systems : Advice Required - Goa

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