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Point-of-use Fluoride, Arsenic and Iron Removal from Drinking Water - Advice Required

This is regarding a new sachet-based product for point-of-use removal of Arsenic, Fluoride and Iron from drinking water.Read More


Hard water treatment plant- maintenance

The community in which I live buys bore well water which is hard; the same is treated for hardness using three stage filtration units -Read More


Rubber composition for RWH tank

Can anyone guide me for chemical composition and testing of rubber to be used in manufacturing potable water for rain harvesting tanks?


Determining pump capacity - Sewage pumping station

How do we determine the submersible pump capacity for a sewage pumping station in Jaipur city, South?Read More


Queries for reverse osmosis antiscalant

Dear Sir,

This is sujeet sherma, i want to know about some queries in the fields of water chemicals.Read More


Pressure and Flow Measurement

I am a student in final year Civil Engg. at IT-BHU, Varanasi. I am analysing BHU water-supply system. I need help in the following two cases:Read More


Need cost of water treatment technologies


I am a student doing an academic project on feasibility study of setting up a water treatment plant. Can someone please suggest the cost of setting up plants with the following technologies  and cost of treating 1KL of water per day using the same technologies.Read More


Soap water treatment and reuse

I have made a reed bed for treating bath,wash basin and washing machine water.Read More


Inputs sought for a low-cost Rainwater Harvesting filter design

Respected Experts in this field,Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Waste water / Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

Mr.S.S.Ranganathan, a Bangalore based water expert has compiled an FAQ on waste water and sewage trRead More

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