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Oil and Grease Traps - Feasible Long Term Solutions?

Dear Friends,

Disposing of organic (Kitchen) waste eg. Fat, Oil and Grease from the Grease Trap is the major problem with Hotels and corporate Buildings. Grease Traps and STP's are mandatory by Pollution control board.

Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) is Long Chain Fatty Acid which is difficult to degrade and condition in Grease Traps is adverse for natural bacteria to survive. That is why it is regularly scraped from the Grease traps.

Presently it is manual scraped which is unhygienic and disposing off at some distance places is also not environment -  friendly because it is non - biodegradable. Again Oil from the Traps flows in to STP's and it imbalances the bacterial activity of the STP that leads to STP's problems.

Discussion/Participation on this will be informative for every body and are people interested to know about bio solution for this critical issue? Do write in with your valuable suggestions 

Thanking You,

Hiren Pancholi


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