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Small permanent spring fed lake in village needs cleaning, as part of our strong village project: All ideas gratefully received


I am working with an NGO in Maharasthra (Shikshan Gram Shelter for homeless children) and we are commencing a Strong Village Project - our first village has a small lake which is totally polluted due to the usual reasons of washing, both animals and clothes, effluent runoff into the lake and long term continuous pollutants going into it.

Our first project is to build a washing shed for the women, as well as for the animals; get the lake walled around and prevent in various ways more pollutants from entering the water. But we will first need to clean the existing lake. I have been searching for possible biological agents to introduce, but without much luck. I would really appreciate any input from members here who may have ideas for us or anyone who has faced such a situation previously.

Thank you very much for your help.

Shazar (long term volunteer)


Digging an Open Well: Contact Information of Hydrogeologist - Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh

I own 7 acres of agricultural land in a village in Kodad Mandal, Nalgonda District, in Andhra Pradesh. The field are irrigated with water from a small stream (panta kaluva), and supplemented with borewell. But it hasn't always been easy to ensure water flow from upstream, and there were times when patches of paddy field went dry.   

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Groundwater Contamination due to Bauxite Mining - Risks? Vizianagaram - Andhra Pradesh

I am from a voluntary organization - SAMPARKA- at Vizianagaram,Andhra Pradesh. There is some apprehension in the area that as a consequence of the proposed bauxite mining and refining operations would pollute the groundwater.Read More


Contact Requested - Hydrogeologist in Karkala Taluka, Udupi Dt, Karnataka

I am planning to dig a borewell on my land in Karkala Taluka but prefer to have the marking provided by scientific method.Read More


Assessing Water Charges for Apartment Complex - Implementation : Help Required, Hyderabad

Recently I bought a 2BHK flat in KPHB, Hyderabad. The Builder has constructed two huge sumps to store manjeera(dam) water and a huge sump for bore water.Read More


Borewell Compressor Pump: Selection - Bangalore

I have constructed a borewell near the Electronic City in Bangalore. We got 1/2 inch water source at 260 feet, and 1/2 inch water source at 440 feet (This was a silt source).Read More


Professional Advice Required : Evaluation of Water sample test results - Chennai

I have taken a water sample (2 ltrs) from newly dug Borewell (100 ft) near Hasthinapuram, Chennai and got the water sample test done by a Professional lab in Chennai.  They have given theRead More


Locating Water Source: Residential Purposes - Sringeri, Karnataka

Dear Sir,Read More


Recharging Borewell to Increase Yield - Feasbility?! - Kolar, Karnataka

I am from Kolar, Karnataka. A borewell of 1100 ft was dug in 2001 with a yield of 1 1/2
inches. Currently it has gone down to 1/2 inch. If I recharge borewell via the same well Read More


Submersible Motors & Boulders - Borewell troubles : Bangalore

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