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Data and Documentation

IWMI Requests Data for Watershed Development - Andhra Pradesh

The International Water Management Institute, located in ICRISAT, Hyderabad, is looking for data which could help in a new watershed development (WSD) project which is begining.
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Construction of Minor Check Dams on Seasonal Streams : Applicable Regulations ? Karnataka

What, if any are the regulations pertaining to the building of small check dams on seasonal streams that pass through private property, the current scenario is in Karnataka.Read More


Research Query : Ranking Water Quality Parameters


Bottling Plant Advise

Dear Sirs,

I am planning to setup a Packaged Drinking Water plant in Wada district Thane, which is located in Mumbai. The hardness of the water when tested resulted to 85. I need your opinion whether the RO process would make this type of water suitable for drinking.

Can you please mention the best RO process manufacturer as you'll would be best experienced.

I am already aware of all the norms by BIS so i wont have a question on it.

What information would help ideally is that i am not starting my own brand but would like to take up job works for various companies. Size of the company is irrelevant.

I just needed advise as to is there a true demand for CONTRACT FILLING or every brand prefers to set up their own brand.

The reason of not starting up my own brand is that i have a certain restriction to funds as a result of which i can just afford the machines but cannot invest in the working capital etc.

Also i was told that the water business in India is based on a NO CREDIT payment style of policy and that too if credit is offered would be on exception cases and for a short time to. How true is this ?

Anyone who can help me their feedback would be much appreciated.

Thans in advance to you all.




Availability of Thumbrule Values and Soil Permeability Data for RWM planning

I have seen several post about the availability of rainfall data (monthly / yearly).Read More


Required: Standard List of MET Stations - Improving Access to Data

At IWP, we have come across digital sources of daily rainfall data, available station wise over a period of 3-4 decades. We are interested to extract and build an application over this base data so that it can be of better value for our users, similar to the MET DATA application ( that we currently have on IWP.

We have come across a problem regarding the consistency in the station names. Across the years, there are several station names that are very similar sounding, and some obviously seem to be grammatical errors.

Is there any way to solve this issue? Is there a standard list of MET stations that we can cross check the current list with. Would any of the members, know any links, resources or people (including in IMD) who can help us solve this problem.

Help on this from the members would be most welcome !


India Water Portal

Generation of Electricity from River Flow: Feasibility & Costs!

Is it possible to generate electricity from the flow of a river ? What are the costs involved on a small scale. Could a causeway that currently rus across the river be used to facilitate the same?Read More


Determining HP of Pump for Lifting Water

Kindly let me know the following;Read More

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