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Data and Documentation

Looking for English versions of Groundwater docs in Karnataka

I am wondering if there are downloadable English versions of the following documents:

1. Karnataka Groundwater (Regulation and Control of Development and Management) Bill 2011

2. Ground Water Resource Estimation Committee 1997 Methodology Report

3. Dynamic Groundwater Resources of Karnataka, March 2009

Thanks Experts!


Soak Pit - Frequent Overflow: Chennai

I live in Chennai. The apartment has 4 flats(2 in ground floor, 2 in first floor; 4*4 members) with a single soak pit. This single soak pit is to collect the waste water from kitchen.  The existing soak pit is circular and is of 5 feet dia and 4 feet depth. We have a septic tank for collecting human waste.(which is not creating any problem)

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Digging an Open Well: Contact Information of Hydrogeologist - Nalgonda, Andhra Pradesh

I own 7 acres of agricultural land in a village in Kodad Mandal, Nalgonda District, in Andhra Pradesh. The field are irrigated with water from a small stream (panta kaluva), and supplemented with borewell. But it hasn't always been easy to ensure water flow from upstream, and there were times when patches of paddy field went dry.   

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Assessing Rain Water Harvesting System - Advice, Consultant Required

Hello Experts, 

I am Shyma from Bangalore, Marathalli area. I need some suggestions regarding the validation of the Rain Water Harvesting System that has been installed in our apartment complex.Read More


Groundwater Contamination due to Bauxite Mining - Risks? Vizianagaram - Andhra Pradesh

I am from a voluntary organization - SAMPARKA- at Vizianagaram,Andhra Pradesh. There is some apprehension in the area that as a consequence of the proposed bauxite mining and refining operations would pollute the groundwater.Read More


Storm water design - rainfall data and runoff-routing models?

Hi, I am an environmental engineer from Australia looking at a project in Hyderabad and am just commencing some research on design standards and design approaches for stormwater drainage design. Read More


Drug & Metabolite Contamination - Guidelines?

There is a concern that our water resources are geting contaminated by residues of drugs and secondary metabolites excreted in urine  and from other sources.  Has BIS or ICMR has given guRead More


Assessing Water Charges for Apartment Complex - Implementation : Help Required, Hyderabad

Recently I bought a 2BHK flat in KPHB, Hyderabad. The Builder has constructed two huge sumps to store manjeera(dam) water and a huge sump for bore water.Read More


Pump Efficiency for Pumping Station - Accurate?

Hi, I am Narendra Shah, a student. I am doing a project on the water supply scheme of Karjat town. I wanted to calculate the efficiency of pumping station of raw water and water treatment plant.Read More


Sale of STP Treated Water : Legality?

Hello Everyone,

When we set up a Sewage Treatment Plant ,the treated water we get is mostly drained since mostly the requirement for recycled water is limited to horticulture,HVAC and flushing(provided the establishment has dual piping).My question is if I maintained all the parameters in STP Treated Water as per govt norms Is it legal to sell that water outside of that establishment to other organizations which require water for horticulture or for HVACs?

Is there any law against selling that water in India??

thanks & regards,

Tarun Joshi,

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