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Optimum pump capacity - Nagarbhavi, Bangalore

We drilled a borewell for domestic purposes, we have 10 inhabitants (approx usage of 50-100 lts per day)Read More


Submersible Pump not working at deeper bore wells - Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District

  • Borewell specifications
    • Depth - 350 ft
    • Current water level (Rainy season) - 50 ft
    • Rocky below 100 feet
  • Pump specifications
Read More

Linkage of adjacent borewells at 80ft & sewage line intrusion issue - Bangalore

I had previously dirilled a 4.5 inch borewell in my site. This well got contaminated by sewage water. The contamination happened after getting 2 months of clean water from it.Read More


Legal Distance between two Borewells - Chittoor(D.t),G.D.Nellore (M.D) Area

I am Resident of Varathur panchayat, G.D.Nellor (M.D) & Chittoor D.tRead More


Silt found inside the Borewell - Hebbal, Bangalore

We got a borewell dug at our place at Hebbal, Bangalore. We were told that they will be using a slow rig, instead they brought a gas bore. They dug up 50 feet and encountered a boulder.Read More


Help for finding best location for digging Bore Well, at Nagpur, Maharashtra

I am having 30 acres of farm at Kuhi (Tahsil), District Nagpur, ( location Coordinates: 20°56'37"N   79°22'58"E), I have constructed water collection pond of 10000 litre capacity.Read More


Potability of borewell water - Melvishram, Vellore district

I'm Muzammil, my Village situated in Vellore Dist,  Melvisharm, just near Palar river TN.Read More


Gelatin blast

Is gelatin blast a good option to revive a dry borewell?

Some facts about the borewell -Read More


Unused Borewell - Implications of leaving Submersible motor in situ - Advice needed!

A borewell has stopped yielding. Is it practical to leave the submersible pump in the borewell ?Read More


Borewell Capacity - 2 inches - in layman's terms please!

Please let me know 2 inch water in borewell means how much litres per hour or litres per minute.Read More

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