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Water Quality

Disinfection of Municipal Water Supply with Twin Oxide : Advantages & Disadvantages ?

We have been traditionally using Chlorine as disinfectant in municipal water supplies. But recently some firms have come forward to disinfect water with Twin Oxide.Read More


Point-of-use Fluoride, Arsenic and Iron Removal from Drinking Water - Advice Required

This is regarding a new sachet-based product for point-of-use removal of Arsenic, Fluoride and Iron from drinking water.Read More


Hard water treatment plant- maintenance

The community in which I live buys bore well water which is hard; the same is treated for hardness using three stage filtration units -Read More


Orthotolidine ban in India?

Is there ban on use of orthotolidine reagent for chlorine estimation in drinking water, in India?

Any documentation is welcome and will be very helpful.


TDS as measure for choosing solar water heater?


We want to install a solar water heater. One of the sales executives said that he would get a TDS for measuring the hardness in the bore water. I read some where that TDS measures hardness as a whole; it does not give details about the amount of individual minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and others. Read More


Water Quality for bottling unit - RO & silica related queries - Tanjore

Dear Sir,

My name is Ravi, from Tanjore Dist, Tamilnadu

I have attached is the Water Sample report of my bore well.Read More

Download these documents : Size
Water Analysis Report 2003 format.doc42.5 KB

Queries for reverse osmosis antiscalant

Dear Sir,

This is sujeet sherma, i want to know about some queries in the fields of water chemicals.Read More


Tap Water Quality supplied by Municipal Corporations of India

Allow me to introduce myself as the Managing Director of Kochhar Business Services, the management consulting and business facilitation entity of the Read More

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