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Water at Home

Low Yield Borewell - Basapura, Bangalore: Solutions?

We got a borewell dug in Basapura, near Begur Lake on 6th March 2011.
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Water Hardness Assessment Issues - Bangalore, Advice Required!

Hi Experts,

We recently shifted toan apartment in Bangalore situated in Kundelhalli. The ground water is very hard in this area and the builder has installed a water softener plant. But we had not observed any major change in taste of the supplied water from the plant, even a water purifier company salesman measured the TDS value of the supplied water at around 800.

We contacted the apartment maintenance department and they measured the CaCO3 ppm of the water using an ion-exchange test kit. Samples were taken of the input, output from the filter plant and in apartment. In all the samples the CaCO3 ppm was around 400ppm, which we found surprising as the plant does not seem to be doing anything.Read More


Motor Selection Query : Vellore, Tamilnadu

We just dug a new borewell last week and looking for suggestions for motor selections.  The borewell details:

Place; Tirupattur, Vellore District, Tamil NaduRead More


Motor Selection - detailed query, Tamilnadu!

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Borewell Performance Issues - Stabilise & Improve Yield - Kerala

Dear Sir,


I live in a hilly region called Attapadi in Kerala. I have sunk a borewell.Read More


Traditional Well Digging - Ideal Method ?

I am from a village near Sawantawadi,  Maharashtra & own a 15 acre plot.Read More


Frequent Overflow of Septic Tank / Soak Pits: Remedy?

We are the occupants of a 14 member flatwherein we have one main septic tank and 3 nos of soak pits.
The sizes are respectively: -

septic tank: 12ftx12ftx12ft (approximate dimensions),

Soak Pits: 4ft dia x 12ft ht - 2 nos. 3ft dia x 12ft - 1 no. (for bathroom & washing machine waste water).

We find the soak pits overflowing frequently and needs removal of waste water by 4 to 5 lorries atleast every 2 months.

What would an ideal remedy be for the situation ?

The ground floor is car park only. and the ground level is 4 to 5 ft from the road level

Thanking you,


+91 8056190546


Locating Water Source: Residential Purposes - Sringeri, Karnataka

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Waterlogged Area - Precautions For Soak Pit Development : Kerala

I have purchased land in Mattoor located in Kalady Town, Ernakulam District, Kerala. Total area is about 6.5 cents.Read More


Selections : Pump, Cable & Pipes - Bangalore Urban!

Please advice me on the pumps , the different pipes ( HDPE, GI & others) & cables that I need to select for my bore well .

 Requirement : For household useRead More

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