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Water at Home

Borewell collapse at 645 feet, depth of water available just 5 feet, water source appears to be connected to another borewell: Will further drilling help?


My house construction (in 30x40 site) has started and now its at the foundation level. We had drilled a borewell and the information is as follows,

Borewell location : K.R.Puram (Mahadevapura), Bangalore East
Drilling time: Mid November, 2011
Depth of borewell : 650 feet
Depth of 6.5 ” casing : 80 feet
Depth of 10" PVC Casing pipe: 10 feet.

Yield data - I yield: 640 feet, 2.5".

On further drilling, boulders were found at 645 feet. and we continued to drill till 660 Feet.
It was meant to be used during the house construction. Now, before inserting pump we checked with a camera and found that the well has collapsed at 645 feet onwards and the depth of water we have is just 5 feet. Also looks like water source is connecting to another borewell, as water is not rising above 640 feet though we had 2.5" to 3" water during drilling.

Can you please advise whether drilling for another 100 to 200 feet will help?
Is it possible to install PVC filter pipe from 640 onwards using any method after re-drilling for another 100 t0 200 feet?
Any solution will be greatly appreciated.

Mahendra S


1/2" water in borewell at 150ft: What is water availability per day from this quantity

Dear Sir,

I am from Bhubaneshwar. We dug a bore well (Depth-270ft). We got a hint of water at 120ft and at 150ft we got about 1/2" water and even lesser water at 180 ft. But after that there is no sign of water. I asked the engineer to do a test and he said not much water is available at the site. He asked us to manage with that much water. I want know how much water we can get per day with 1/2" at 150 ft. We are 7 people staying at home and would like to know if that amout will be sufficient. 


How to remove yellow color & salty taste from bore well water?

I am living in Ramapuram, Chennai. In my house the bore water is yellow colored, salty & it contains 2500 TDS. The depth of the bore is 150 ft & we have put the suction valve at 140ft.  Neighbors are getting good water & they have dug only 80-90 ft of bore.

The detail of water present in our area is:

  •   20-60 ft contains yellow colored water
  •   65-100 ft contains rock – it gives colorless good water
  •   110-150 ft contains salt water

We have installed Iron remover (MnO2 used as medium) and softener. Still the output water is yellow colored & the harness is reduced.
Can you suggest ways to remove the yellow color from the bore well water?
Is there any possibility of getting good water if I reduce the suction height (80-100ft) or still I will get the same salty taste & yellow colored water?


Muddy Borewell Water: Solution Needed! - Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

This summer we had a borewell dug at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Below are the details of the system. 

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Soak Pit - Frequent Overflow: Chennai

I live in Chennai. The apartment has 4 flats(2 in ground floor, 2 in first floor; 4*4 members) with a single soak pit. This single soak pit is to collect the waste water from kitchen.  The existing soak pit is circular and is of 5 feet dia and 4 feet depth. We have a septic tank for collecting human waste.(which is not creating any problem)

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Developing Parameters for Water Recharge Well: Access & Use - Bangalore

A rainwater harvesting friend of ours in Bangalore posed us this question recently:

We have been constructing recharge wells successfully in different locations in Bangalore and elsewhere. Some of these well s are in a position to yield water ; there is sufficient water in the well and the quality also is good as seen from water testing. To operationalize this there are various decisions to make:Read More


Open Well Troubleshooting : Options ?

I have a domestic well (not bore well) very near to my house in Kottayam district, Kerala. It is around 50 to 60 feet deep. Four years earlier it had water, currently water is not available when there is no rain. It is full of rocks at the bottom. My questions are:

1. If I dig further will there be the possibility of striking water ? To know this, will a scientific method wil help ? (a geophysicist or hydrologist) as in the case of borewells?Read More


Treatment of Grey Water for Gardening Purposes

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Selection of a Domestic RO System - How To? - Delhi

Dear Experts,
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Assessing Water Charges for Apartment Complex - Implementation : Help Required, Hyderabad

Recently I bought a 2BHK flat in KPHB, Hyderabad. The Builder has constructed two huge sumps to store manjeera(dam) water and a huge sump for bore water.Read More

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