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Rainwater Harvesting

Help with rainwater test results


can anyone help me? I am doing a project on rainwater harvesting and I have a sample of rainwater to be analysed in a laboratory. I would like to know more about the results obtained, whether it is in the acceptable range.

Here are the results:

Phosphate: 3.34 mol/dm3

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 2.26 mol/dm3

I would also like to know if I can use the rainwater for bathing.


Scholar Seeks - Rainfall Data, Design Storm, & Soil/Infiltration information: Yelahanka, Bangalore.

I'm a Canadian environmental engineering student, working at an internship in Hamburg, Germany. I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this information is to help me complete my co-op/internship report for academic/study purposes. I am currently doing an internship at the HafenCity Universitat in Hamburg, Germany.

I was hoping to do a case study for a research topic that I have spent the past couple of months looking into. I am having some trouble trying to find the data that I need to complete my Stormwater Managment Model for this Case study.

The area 'Im looking at is Yelahanka, just north of Bengaluru. I am computing some of the runoff volumes and stormwater aspects in assisting my supervisor with her dissertation. 

The information I was looking for this area (or general surrounding) is:

- 20 years of Daily Rainfall Data

- general CN or SCS numbers

- Decay constant  of the soil(1/hr).

- The average moisture in the soil content (mm / in).

- Infiltration Rate (Hortons Equation) If anyone has that available

If anyone has information about the list above, that would greatly help out my research. I would appreciate it.  The focus of my project is comparing the benchmarks of several internation sustainable community certification system. What I was looking for is the infiltration data and rainfall data (and 2 Year Design Storm if possible). So that I can complete my model of an example sustainable community.

All this information gathered will be used for academic purposes in the completetion of my undergraduate report.

As I said before the area I'm looking at is Yelahanka, just north of Bengaluru. There is no specific location set, as I would just like general soil information if possible. I am also willing to move the case study project site to another location in India if the data I am looking for is available there.

Thank you,

Matt Hartfiel

University of Guelph

Developing Parameters for Water Recharge Well: Access & Use - Bangalore

A rainwater harvesting friend of ours in Bangalore posed us this question recently:

We have been constructing recharge wells successfully in different locations in Bangalore and elsewhere. Some of these well s are in a position to yield water ; there is sufficient water in the well and the quality also is good as seen from water testing. To operationalize this there are various decisions to make:Read More


Assessing Rain Water Harvesting System - Advice, Consultant Required

Hello Experts, 

I am Shyma from Bangalore, Marathalli area. I need some suggestions regarding the validation of the Rain Water Harvesting System that has been installed in our apartment complex.Read More


Rainwater Harvesting - Subsidies for Implementation? Latur, Maharashtra

Pratham Arora Center for Vocational Education has started vocational training center in Killari village of Latur Dist. Maharashtra. Its a residential campus with capacity of 150 students.Read More


Direct Injection of Rainwater Runoff to Borewell - Suggestions?

Normally, it is suggested to build an approximately 20 feet deep ring well around the Borewell and allow water to percolate through this and recharge a Borewell.

 Read More


Unused Drinking Water - Recharge Options?

In our office work location comprising of about 300 employees, upon rough calculations, nearly 400 Liters of unused drinking water without any contamination is being drained to sewage.

 Reasons are:

1) replacement of leftover water in the waterbottles every day

2) Partial consumption of water from fully filled glasses of water by employees and the remaining half is being drained by canteen personnel etc.

I would like to prepare a proposal for redirecting the water to a recharge pit so that the drinking water from above sources can used for ground water recharging. Expert advice in this regard is highly solicited. Do advise me on the feasibility, practical aspects and if any precedence exists for such a plan.


Open Space RWH - Jalna, Maharashtra - Planning Advice Required!

I would like to seek the help of the experts in planning an open space rain water harvesting system. The system will be based on land being used for agriculture, 15 acres in total.Read More


Info Required : Sand Dams in India

Dear Sir/MadamRead More


Deep Borewell Method to Recharge Groundwater - Advice Required : Orissa

We are taking up construction work in 5 acres of land at Bhuvaneswar, Orissa.There is no outlet to discharge rainwater and we wish to use the entire rainwater collected in recharging the ground watRead More

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