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Sewage and Effluent Treatment

Are Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) legally mandated in Apartments in Bangalore?

I live in an apartment in Bangalore which apparently does not have an STP. Currently the sewage is being redirected to a lake nearby. While a few of us would like to rectify this and construct an STP, the general consensus is to build one only if required i.e if the law mandates it.

Can someone clarify on what the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Paike (BBMP) as well as Pollution Control Board norms say about this?

- Sanjeeth


Oil and Grease Traps - Feasible Long Term Solutions?

Dear Friends,

Disposing of organic (Kitchen) waste eg. Fat, Oil and Grease from the Grease Trap is the major problem with Hotels and corporate Buildings. Grease Traps and STP's are mandatory by Pollution control board.

Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) is Long Chain Fatty Acid which is difficult to degrade and condition in Grease Traps is adverse for natural bacteria to survive. That is why it is regularly scraped from the Grease traps.

Presently it is manual scraped which is unhygienic and disposing off at some distance places is also not environment -  friendly because it is non - biodegradable. Again Oil from the Traps flows in to STP's and it imbalances the bacterial activity of the STP that leads to STP's problems.

Discussion/Participation on this will be informative for every body and are people interested to know about bio solution for this critical issue? Do write in with your valuable suggestions 

Thanking You,

Hiren Pancholi


Treatment of Grey Water for Gardening Purposes

I live in a society in Delhi. We wanted to reduce our water consumption and decided to recycle Kitchen Waste water from a block of 6 flats and use it for the greening of an adjacent garden.Read More


20,000 litre Wastewater Disposal - Solutions Required! Thane, Maharashtra

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation is implementing the Mid Day Meal Project of Govt of India. We are setting up a new kitchen at Wada, Thane Dist, Maharashtra.Read More


Sale of STP Treated Water : Legality?

Hello Everyone,

When we set up a Sewage Treatment Plant ,the treated water we get is mostly drained since mostly the requirement for recycled water is limited to horticulture,HVAC and flushing(provided the establishment has dual piping).My question is if I maintained all the parameters in STP Treated Water as per govt norms Is it legal to sell that water outside of that establishment to other organizations which require water for horticulture or for HVACs?

Is there any law against selling that water in India??

thanks & regards,

Tarun Joshi,


Needed : Cost Effective & Reduced Footprint Wastewater Treatment System

I'm  from Bangalore and i'm searching for a grey or black water treatment system for my newly constructed house.Read More


Frequent Overflow of Septic Tank / Soak Pits: Remedy?

We are the occupants of a 14 member flatwherein we have one main septic tank and 3 nos of soak pits.
The sizes are respectively: -

septic tank: 12ftx12ftx12ft (approximate dimensions),

Soak Pits: 4ft dia x 12ft ht - 2 nos. 3ft dia x 12ft - 1 no. (for bathroom & washing machine waste water).

We find the soak pits overflowing frequently and needs removal of waste water by 4 to 5 lorries atleast every 2 months.

What would an ideal remedy be for the situation ?

The ground floor is car park only. and the ground level is 4 to 5 ft from the road level

Thanking you,


+91 8056190546


Monitoring Environmental Impacts of Power station Cooling water abstraction & discharge - Involvement invited!

Hi, I'm looking into the use of satellite based and in-situ sensors to assess the effects of climate change on environmental impacts associated with power station cooling water abstraction andRead More


Determining pump capacity - Sewage pumping station

How do we determine the submersible pump capacity for a sewage pumping station in Jaipur city, South?Read More


Need cost of water treatment technologies


I am a student doing an academic project on feasibility study of setting up a water treatment plant. Can someone please suggest the cost of setting up plants with the following technologies  and cost of treating 1KL of water per day using the same technologies.Read More

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