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Measuring Water Consumption - Alternatives to expensive meters?

  I want to know how we can measure consumption of water in our apartment.We have a borewell and water is pumped into an overhead tank daily.

  In our locality, we have seen that borewells of many neighbouring apartments have dried up. Our apartment is taking proactive steps to reduce water consumption and also to reuse/recycle as much as possible.

  To see the effectiveness of what we are doing, I wanted to measure the consumption at a periodic interval (say 1 month) to see our progress. Once we are successful, we can share our best practices.

  I understand that there are water meters, but they are quite expensive. Are there ways to do this easily without having to spend 4-5k?We can live with an accuracy of few tens of litres for this measurement.





1. Measuring Water Consumption

 Dear Kiran,


One can measure water begin consumed by an apartment building, by just measuring the quantity of water being pumped everyday in to the overhead tank.

Ideally the down take lines should be closed while filling up the tanks, and at the start of the next day check how much water is still available in the tank.

For measuring individual  consumption in every apartment- first the rate at which the water is flowing out  through various tap fittings need to be measured using a container of fixed volume and seeing how much time it takes to fill up at the particular point. and then one needs to judiciously record the time that tap is operated.

In case of flush tanks for toilets, one needs to measure the volume of water in the tank and then count the number of times the tank is flushed.

You should get a very accurate measure of daily consumption, this can be done separately by every individual  to find out individual consumption within an apartment.

But  I need to warn you it  is very tedious and needs to be done with dedication.




Dr. Anil Lalwnai


2. Water Meter

Can any one give the make, Model & availability of a reliable water meter either a digital or mechanical one.

Guide me which one is preferred.


N Srinivas Rao

3. Water meter

Dear all,

There are a variety of water meters available in the market, each in the mechanical as well as digital (electronic) category. Some of the famous brands are Elster,Itron, Chambal, Kranti, Konark etc etc. For most domestic consumption, the model used is called "Class-B" multi-jet meters, in the mechanical category. BIS (Bureau of Indian standards) has published the specifications for water meters under IS 779:1994 and has list of licensed manufacturers on its website. Other reliable certifying agency is FCRI (Fluild control research institute). You could check their website to get a first hand info on the reliability and credibility of each meter brand.

You could also visit our website ( and follow the link to the wiki article for metering basics. Perhaps that will help.

If we can be of any further assistance, we will be glad.


Veenus Enterprises

4. Measuring Water Consumption - Alternatives to expensive meters?

Dear Kiran,

The simple method is find out the discharge per hour of the pump from the catelogue that is installed in your apartment and only you have to keep the record of the hour of pumping .

If the pump is a old one note the time it takes to fill a  empty overhed reservoir of known volume .Maintain a log book regarding the hour of pumping to know the volume of water it pumped.

sibasis panda

sibasis panda

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