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Conversion of distilled water into drinking water

Hello members,

I work on a ship. We generate distilled water from sea water for domestic use. However we can only use this water for bathing but it is not fit for drinking as it contains no mineral. Consuming this water causes immidiate and long term problems in humans. Can someone help me with a solution as to how to convert this water into drikong water. Can any minerals be added into the distilled water tanks or is there is protable mineralizing unit availble in the market which can be mounted on the supply line like aquaguard.







1. Drinking Distilled water.

Dear SKB,

It would be very necessary to get a sample of your 'distilled water' tested and make available to me a copy of the report so that I can advise you of what you could do.Since I have been in the water industry for over 4 decades,I have had many occasions when I have used deionised water(another term for distilled water) as drinking water.Such a water does contain some levels of minerals,approx a few mg/litre of total dissolved solids and can never be totally free of minerals.If you send me a report I will give you a very simple method to increase the mineral content of distilled water.

I have yet to see any authoritative opinion which says that low mineral content in drinking water is bad for health.




2. Conversion of distilled water into drinking water- Please answer

Please answer the above question.

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