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Cost Estimate For Rain Water Harvesting System : Subsidies Applicable? Uttarkhand

My house plot is 7200 sqft. I would like to construct a rainwater harvesting system for the same and would like to ascertain the costs and materials required for the same. I would like to collect the water harvested in a underground tank of about 24 sq.ft

To construct rainwater harvesting system, what are the materials required to construct this and an approximate cost for the same? I would also like to learn more about subsidies or assistance offered by the Uttarakhand Government for the same.



1. Dear ManMohan,   Further

Dear ManMohan,


Further clarifications are needed on the following input:


  1. Name of the place
  2. Normal Annual rainfall in your place
  3. Roof area of your house




M.M Sharma

Project Officer

International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT-IN)

Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research 


2. Rain Water Harvesting for your house

Dear Mr.Manmohan,

There is a wealth of information on Rain Water Harvesting(RWH) on this portal.You will find the subject on the home page.A lot of the information has been contributed by experts and you will also find videos,photos and cost data.

Any one who considers RWH is doing the right thing at a time when fresh water availability is shrinking alarmingly.I do not know if the Govt.of Uttarakhand gives subsidies for RWH,but this has been made mandatory in the city of Bangalore for instance.If you want to do something to enhance your water security,you should go in for RWH whether or not there is a subsidy.


3. RWH costs & subsidies

Dear ManMohan,


This question is not complete and also not clear.


Unless details about the number of down take pipes and the directions in which they are brought down are furnished, cost estimate cannot be given. The pipes will have to be interconnected and taken to the sump (underground tank) either through a sand filter or directly. It is therefore important to know the location of the pipes vis a vis the sump.

You have mentioned that the underground tank is 24 sq.ft. What does it mean? The volume of the sump in cubic feet should be given.

We also need the rainfall details in the town where the house is located and also the peak hourly rainfall.




Sekhar Raghavan

Rain Centre


4. Need info on installing RWH sytem for a house, Ernakulam, Kerala

I would like to know about installing a rain water storage system for my house. The roof area is 1500sqft and located in Ernakulam district,Kerala. Please let me know if there any government subsidy for installation.

Thank you.

5. Need help to install RWH systems


Need help to install rainwater harvesting systems before the onset of the monsoon.

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