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Advice Required: Selection of Water Purification Method- Test Report Provided - Gurgaon


I reside at sector 47, Gurgaon. For quite some time, I am delaying to get a water filter installed in my home. Finally, I have decided to get it installed.

But, I am not sure which filtration method to go for like RO or UV. I am aware of RO and UV. May be there are other methods also available in the market. I know that if TDS levels are low, then RO is not the right option.

So, I got the water at my home tested from a private lab in Gurgaon. Given below are the test results:

Colour 05

Odour Unobjectionable

Taste Unobjectionable

Coliform Nil per 100 ml

E. Coli Nil

pH 7.32

Turbidity 0.6 NTU

Conductivity 592 microS at 25*C

TDS mg/l 405

Total Alkalinity as CaCO3 240.4

Total Hardness as CaCO3 241.6

Chloride as Cl 28.7

Dissolved Iron as Fe 0.01

Residual Free Chlorine Nil


I request you experts to guide me in choosing the water filter for my home.

Thanks n Regds,

Vipul Aggarwal




Dear Vipul,

This type of query has been answered so many times. As the TDS of your water is 405 PPM and Hardness is also on lower side 241 PPM , wchich is counted good, you should not go for R.O. filter and purchase water filter based on UV technique.  


Amit Kr. Singh,
Govt. of Haryana,
Public Health Engg. Department,
Water Testing Lab,Karnal-132001(haryana)

2. Dear Vipul Agarwal,   The

Dear Vipul Agarwal,


The test results given by you show that the water to be well within the desirable limits in BIS-10500. The report also shows that the water does not have bacterial contamination. RO is most certainly not needed. I would recommend that you should consider using a product manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Ltd. It is called PUREIT. It is a storage filtration device and costs approx Rs.2000. It does not require electricity to operate and hence will ensure good quality drinking water is always available.

I recommend it because I have had one for three years and a number of friends also use it and would all vouch for its dependability.


With regards,


S.S. Ranganathan


Ion Exchange


3. Selection of water purification method.

You most certainly do not require an RO to treat your water.A UV based device will do the job or you can go for a device like PUREIT which does not require electricity to operate and costs far less than a UV based device.


4. Query


I am a resident of Gurgaon sector 56, I am planning on buying a water purifier and wanted to know where can i get the water at home tested for TDS and bacterial information so i may be able to decide the best kind of purification method for drinking water for my house


5. Help select water purifier

Dear Saurabh,

I am also a resident of Sector 56. Please help me select a water purifier based on your analysis and decision.


6. Water Quality Testing

Dear Saurabh,

Please visit this link: for a comprehensive list of water testing labs in the country, where you can test your water for TDS and bacterial contamination. There are 2 listed in Gurgaon - you can call and find out if they are in your specific area.

Thank you,
India Water Portal Team 

7. Choice of filter

We receive MC water with TDS level 500-550, and facing scaling on kitchen utensils. Taste of water is fine though.

Please help us find the right choice of filter among the 3, chemical base / UV / RO?

8. Want help to decide on which purifier to go for?

Hello Sir,

I have got my tank water checked and it had a TDS level of 527 ppm. Which is the best suited model for purifier and which is the most appropriate technology? I am confused whether to go for KENT or Eureka Forbes product.

Please Suggest.

9. Want help to select water purifier


I have recently shifted to Gurgaon city. I am living in Shushant Lok 1. After coming here, I have requested a water purifier's salesman to check the TDS level of water which came at 293 ppm. I know that it is within the permissible limit but that salesman advised me to go for RO only. I am confused now. Please help me to select right water purifier based on UV or UF or RO.

10. Past responses - RO not necessary

Dear Priyanka,

This has been an extensively debated topic and the general expert opinion is that for TDS content as low as yours, there is no need for any RO options here. Please go through the following comments from experts on this topic.

..Just install a sand filter at the source of use for this water which will take care of suspended solids present in the water.. -

The safe limit is 500 ppm for TDS. Make sure your water is treated with a filter and disinfectant using  UV. RO is not a must for you. -

If your feed water has TDS of only 350, why do you even need to do a RO on it and reduce the TDS to 4? Water with 350 TDS will taste better than water with TDS 4. The presence of some salts in the water actually makes water more palatable. -

Seetha Gopalakrishnan
India Water Portal Team

11. Want to know about drinking water quality of Vaishali-Ghaziabad

I am a resident of Vaishali-Ghaziabad. I live in an apartment which receives drinking water supply from the municipality. I would like to know where to find details related to the quality of this water. Based on this, I would like to find the appropriate water purifier. I don't prefer to go for RO which wastes so much water if it is really not necessary.

Please help me out.

Thank you.

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